Events & Gatherings

In accordance with state, county, and local public health guidance, University of Arizona gatherings and events are currently limited to 10 or fewer people in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Staged Reentry for Events & Gatherings

A gathering or event refers to a planned or spontaneous event, indoors or outdoors, with a small number of people participating or a large number of people in attendance such as a community event or gathering, concert, festival, conference, parade, wedding, or sporting event. This does not include classrooms or instructional settings, UArizona sanctioned events such as flu shot clinics, or items approved by the President and/or his designees.

The University is currently in Stage 2.

Stage 1

Instructional Mode: Essential Hands-On, In Person instruction. Only select hands-on and outdoor courses.

Indoor Event Limit: 10 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 10 people

Stage 2

Instructional Mode: Small In-Person courses. 30 or fewer students in-person and flex in-person.

Indoor Event Limit: 10 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 10 people

Stage 3

Instructional Mode: Larger In-Person classes

Indoor Event Limit: 10 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 50 people

Stage 4

Instructional Mode: Normal instruction

Indoor Event Limit: None

Outdoor Event Limit: None

Guidelines for Event Planning

Always remember when planning a gathering or event:

  • The more people you interact with, the more closely you interact with them, and the longer that interaction, the higher your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.
  • Indoor spaces are more risky than outdoor spaces because indoors, it can be harder to keep people at least 6 feet apart and the ventilation is not as good as it is outdoors.
  • The age and duration/mode of travel for participants may compromise at-risk populations and/or bring people from areas with higher levels of community transmission and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • The higher the level of community transmission in the area that the gathering is being held, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spreading during a gathering.

Event Exceptions

We know that the venues and attendees at campus events vary greatly. In some cases, there may be circumstances that suggest a larger event or gathering may be modified in such a way that it can be safely held.

If you believe your event merits an exception, please consult with the COVID-19 Response Team by completing the online request form. All exception requests must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to your event request. Events submitted less than 14 days in advance will not be reviewed.

Questions related to event exceptions can be directed to