Mandatory Student Testing for Spring 2021



  • Beginning March 29: University enters Stage 3: In-person and flex in-person courses of up to 100 students.
  • Beginning March 24: Students (anyone 16 years of age and older) can register for a vaccination appointment at state sites, including the University of Arizona POD, at
  • Beginning the week Feb. 15: Mandatory testing requirements will be enforced through restricted access to UA WiFi for non-compliance. 
  • Beginning Feb. 8: Testing requirements for Campus Housing Residents decrease from twice weekly to once weekly (once every seven days).

How to Test on Campus

All students must complete the one-time testing registration before scheduling their first test. Visit the Testing Locations and Hours page for information about specific test sites. 

One-time Registration

Schedule your test

Wildcats Test Weekly 

  • All Campus Housing Residents are required to test weekly (once every seven days). 

  • All students registered for Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS) courses with an in-person component are required to test weekly (once every seven days). 

  • All students spending time on the Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS) to utilize other services must have taken a UArizona test within the previous seven days. 

  • Public health data will continue to be reviewed for any increases in COVID-19 transmission risk and testing requirements will be adjusted as necessary.

Spring 2021 Checklist

Student Incentives

Star Rewards Program

You can now earn star rewards for completing COVID-19 testing and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine! 

Earn Rewards for COVID-19 Testing

After you have tested at least once per week four times, you will earn one Star Reward - a $5 value that can be redeemed at selected vendors at the Arizona Student Unions or BookStores. Star Rewards for testing will be offered during the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 terms! 

Earn Rewards for COVID-19 Vaccination

Every fully vaccinated student will be rewarded with one Star Reward - a $5 value that can be redeemed at selected vendors at the Arizona Student Unions or BookStores.

Once you have received your second/final dose, simply upload your vaccine document to the secure, HIPAA-compliant Campus Health system. After you complete the upload process and your record has been verified by Campus Health, you can claim your $5 reward immediately by clicking “Claim” on your Wildcat OneStop page.

In addition to earning a Star Reward, two weeks after the date of your second/final dose, a green VX badge will appear on your Wildcat OneStop, indicating that you are no longer required to test weekly.

upload vaccine document 

Follow these instructions to claim your reward:

  1. Log into Wildcat OneStop.

  2. Below your name, look for the star icon. On top of the star, you will see the number of eligible stars you have earned. Remember, you earn a star for each week that you have completed at least one test.

  3. If you have 4 or more stars, click the green button that says “Claim” to receive your reward.

  4. After you have claimed your reward, the system will add the $5 reward funds to your CatCard. Your reward will be ready to spend once you receive a confirmation email, which may take up to an hour.

  5. If you have 8 or more stars, you can return to step 3 and claim additional $5 rewards. Remember, you are eligible for up to $20 in rewards over the Spring 2021 semester. Reward funds have no expiration date.

Reward funds are eligible for redemption at: 

UA BookStores

Student Union Memorial Center

  • Arizona Market, Chick-fil-A, Core, Einstein Bros Bagels, IQ Fresh, Nrich Urban Market, On Deck Deli, Starbucks @ Bookstore

Global Center

  • Core+, Mas Tacos, Nrich Urban Market Express, Park Avenue Market, The Den

‘85 North

Highland Market

To order with Grubhub, see redemption instructions.

Random Scholarship Selections

In addition, throughout the semester, we will randomly select 10 students who have completed their testing requirements to receive a $500 scholarship to be applied this semester, as well as other prizes. You will be contacted if you have been chosen for a scholarship.

Student Testing Compliance

You must have a COVID-19 test on file within the last seven days to gain or retain access to UA WiFi. If you are out of compliance, your access to UA WiFi will be blocked until you take a test. After taking a test, UA WiFi access is restored in 60 minutes or less. (Access to UAGuest WiFi and the UA Libraries will not be restricted.) Learn more about restoring UA WiFi access.

Staying in Compliance

Tip: Pick a day of the week that is convenient for you and schedule your weekly tests in advance. If you test on the same day each week, you will always remain in compliance.

We know students are busy, and we appreciate the time it takes to test in order to protect our Wildcat community. The following measures offer support and help you remain in compliance:

  • Two text message reminders to help keep your weekly testing on schedule.
  • A one-day grace period for extra flexibility.
  • Some test sites open at 7:30 a.m., so you are able to schedule and take a test before any restrictions go into effect at 9 a.m.
  • Options for temporary UA WiFi access in urgent situations.

If you have questions regarding testing, please contact the Testing Call Center at 520-848-4030or For technical assistance, please contact 24/7 IT Support at 520-626-8324 or Live Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

WiFi Access

In order to regain access to UA WiFi, simply complete a COVID-19 test. Regardless of your test result, access will be restored in 60 minutes or less.

First, you must completely disconnect from all WiFi. Once you are disconnected, select UA WiFi in order to reconnect. If you continue to have trouble, contact UITS 24/7 support at 520-626-TECH (8324) or 877-522-7929

No, your UA WiFi access is not impacted by your test result. Access to UA WiFi is restored simply by checking into a Test All Test Smart test site with the QR code on your Wildcat OneStop. Regardless of your test result, access will be restored in 60 minutes or less after checking in for your test.

If you have changed your UA NetID password recently, ensure that you have changed it on all devices. If this does not work, contact the 24/7 IT Support Center at (520) 626-8234 or Live Chat 24/7 Support Help.


Testing Requirements 

Extra precautions are necessary for students who live in dormitories because they may have more challenges with social distancing. These measures are consistent with CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Shared or Congregate Housing.

Based on CDC guidance, students with a positive PCR or antigen test will be exempt from mandatory testing for 90 days. Participation in regular testing will resume at the end of the 90 day period.

If your positive test result was received from a UArizona test site, your 90-day exemption will be granted automatically. 

If you tested positive at an off campus testing site, you must upload your off-campus test result for review by Campus Health. 

Currently, students with a positive antibody test must still participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing. We are working closely with our internationally recognized experts who oversee the University’s antibody testing program and we look forward to providing an antibody exemption soon.

Students and employees who are required to participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing are eligible to receive an exemption two weeks after receiving their second/final dose of the vaccine. To receive this exemption, you must submit documentation of full COVID-19 vaccination. The exemption applies for the Spring 2021 semester.

  • Once you have received your second/final dose, upload your vaccine document to the secure, HIPAA-compliant Campus Health system.
  • A green icon with the letters VX will appear on your Wildcat OneStop page two weeks after the date of your second/final dose or when your vaccine documentation is verified, whichever is later (document verification may take 1-2 business days). This green VX icon indicates that you are exempt from mandatory testing for the Spring 2021 semester.
  • You must adhere to mandatory testing requirements until the green VX icon displays on your Wildcat OneStop page.

Note: If you received both doses of your vaccine at Campus Health, you do not need to provide this documentation. If you received your vaccine at any other vaccination site, including the UA vaccination site, you will need to upload your vaccine document.

All University of Arizona students, employees, and DCCs, regardless of testing exemption status, must complete their Wildcat WellCheck every day they plan to be on-site at any University location.

All students, including graduate students, who are enrolled in in-person courses and/or are regularly visiting campus must participate in mandatory testing. 

Mandatory testing is stage-specific. In other words, if you are registered for a class that will meet in-person during Stage 2, you will be required to test when the University enters Stage 2.  

Note: Regardless of in-person course enrollment, students living in a dorm are required to test weekly (or more frequently in some circumstances).

The spring 2021 mandatory testing program only applies to the Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS). However, UArizona testing is available in Phoenix and you are strongly encouraged to test weekly.

If you are visiting the main campus for any reason, you must participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing. However, if you have arranged with your instructor(s) to participate 100% remotely and you are not spending time on campus for any other reason, you are not required to test.

Without testing, your UA WiFi on the Tucson Main Campus will be restricted. However, this WiFi restriction should not impact you if you are not visiting campus for any reason. If your plans change and you will be visiting the Tucson Main Campus for class or other services, you will be expected to participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing.

If you wish to stop receiving text message reminders about COVID-19 testing, text "STOP" to opt out. You can text "UNSTOP" at any time to opt back in.

Note: We previously asked students who were learning remotely to submit a remote learning declaration. This process has been discontinued. However, you are still required to communicate directly with your instructor(s) about class attendance requirements.

If your primary role is an employee and you are taking a class or two, you will not be required to test under the mandatory student testing program. An employee testing program will be announced soon. If you are a student worker or graduate assistant, you are classified as a student and will be required to participate in mandatory testing. 

Students may request a COVID-19 testing accommodation by completing a request for a reasonable accommodation. The completion of this form is a request for a COVID-19 testing accommodation and is subject to review and approval.

Yes. Regardless of testing exemption status, you must complete your Wildcat WellCheck every day you plan to be on-site at any UArizona location. Even after being fully vaccinated, some risk for infection does remain. It is important that you continue to monitor for symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 infection even after completing your vaccination. In addition, you should remain cautious and continue practicing additional mitigation strategies such as mask wearing, physical distancing, and good hand hygiene. 

Test Scheduling

No. COVID-19 testing is free for all UArizona students, faculty, and staff.

24/7 IT Support at 520-626-TECH (8324) or 877-522-7929

COVID-19 Testing Call Center: Local: 520-848-4030; Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

COVID Ambassador Team Hotline: 520-848-4045; 7 days a week, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.