Mandatory Student Testing for Spring 2021

Start Strong: January Testing Blitz

WHEN: January 6 – January 12, 9:30am - 6pm daily 

WHERE: Testing Locations & Hours 


  • All dorm residents

  • All students registered for Tucson Main Campus in-person or flex in-person courses that are meeting during Stage 1

  • All students who plan to spend time on Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS) during the spring 2021 semester

Schedule Your January Blitz Test


Dorm residents must test negative before moving into their rooms. Students who test positive will be provided a safe room in an isolation dorm.

Students returning to Tucson from outside Pima County should adhere to a 7-day self-quarantine regardless of their test result. This allows students to leave their homes only to attend essential classes, attend work, care for family members, or to obtain food, medical care, or medications.

Stay Strong: Weekly Testing

  • Based on current community transmission and recent wastewater testing results, all dorm residents are required to test twice per week. Tests should be taken at least 48 hour apart. Dorm students who test on Thursday or Friday should plan to test again on Monday. 
  • All students registered for Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS) courses with an in-person component are required to test weekly. 
  • All students spending time on the Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS) to utilize other services must have taken a UArizona test within the previous week. 
  • Wastewater testing will continue to be used as an early alert system to protect our community. If wastewater testing shows signs of a potential outbreak, additional testing may be required.

Spring 2021 Checklist

Student Support

We know that we’re asking a lot of our Wildcats this spring and we know you’re up to the challenge. You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts to keep our community safe so we will be offering a variety of incentives to encourage compliance with regular testing. 

Student Accountability

We have confidence that Wildcats will participate in mandatory testing to protect themselves and their community. However, if adherence to mandatory testing falls below levels recommended by our public health faculty advisors, compliance will be managed through access to the University’s campus-based WiFi network on Main Campus, allowing us to focus efforts on students coming to campus while not affecting those who are learning remotely. Access to UAGuest WiFi and the UA Libraries will not be restricted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Requirements

Extra precautions are necessary for students who live in dormitories because they may have more challenges with social distancing. These measures are consistent with CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Shared or Congregate Housing.

Based on CDC guidance, students with a positive PCR or antigen test will be exempt from mandatory testing for 90 days. Participation in regular testing will resume at the end of the 90 day period.

If your positive test result was received from a UArizona test site, your 90-day exemption will be granted automatically. 

If you tested positive at an off campus testing site, you must upload your off-campus test result for review by Campus Health. 

Currently, students with a positive antibody test must still participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing. We are working closely with our internationally recognized experts who oversee the University’s antibody testing program and we look forward to providing an antibody exemption soon.

We are in the process of offering a testing exemption for vaccinated individuals. More information will be posted about this process soon.

All students, including graduate students, who are enrolled in in-person courses and/or are regularly visiting campus must participate in mandatory testing. 

Mandatory testing is stage-specific. In other words, if you are registered for a class that will meet in-person during Stage 2, you will be required to test when the University enters Stage 2.  

Note: Regardless of in-person course enrollment, students living in a dorm are required to test weekly (or more frequently in some circumstances).

The spring 2021 mandatory testing program only applies to the Tucson Main Campus (including UAHS). However, UArizona testing is available in Phoenix and you are strongly encouraged to test weekly.

If you are visiting the main campus for any reason, you must participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing. However, if you have arranged with your instructor(s) to participate 100% remotely and you are not spending time on campus for any other reason, you can complete the Remote Learning Declaration. Once your remote learning status is verified with your instructors, you will not be required to participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing.

If your primary role is an employee and you are taking a class or two, you will not be required to test under the mandatory student testing program. An employee testing program will be announced soon. If you are a student worker or graduate assistant, you are classified as a student and will be required to participate in mandatory testing. 

Students may request a COVID-19 testing accommodation by completing a request for a reasonable accommodation. The completion of this form is a request for a COVID-19 testing accommodation and is subject to review and approval.

Test Scheduling

Following the January testing blitz, dorm students will receive an email inviting them to select their regular testing day. Dorm students who do not select a regular testing day will be assigned one.

Students who live off campus may make an appointment for a test anytime during the week, Monday - Friday, and do not need to select a regular testing day.

No. COVID-19 testing is free for all UArizona students, faculty, and staff.

24/7 IT Support at 520-626-TECH (8324) or 877-522-7929

COVID-19 Testing Call Center: Local: 520-848-4030; Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

COVID Ambassador Team Hotline: 520-848-4045; 7 days a week, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

WiFi Access

In order to regain access to UA WiFi, simply complete a COVID-19 test. Regardless of your test result, access will be restored in 60 minutes or less.

First, you must completely disconnect from all WiFi. Once you are disconnected, select UA WiFi in order to reconnect. If you continue to have trouble, contact UITS 24/7 support at 520-626-TECH (8324) or 877-522-7929