Test, Trace, Treat

We’ve told the world we’ll be back on campus in the fall. Our plan requires multiple steps, including the critical agenda to Test, Trace and Treat. See the details below so you can participate and help support the path back to campus.


Find out if you have the virus or antibodies from an earlier infection:

1. Test for the COVID-19 virus

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay isolated and make an appointment with Campus Health Services to get tested. Swab testing is currently available, saliva testing is in development.


2. Test for COVID-19 antibodies

The University of Arizona is analyzing blood samples across the state. The COVID-19 antibody tests will help us determine who has potentially developed an immune response. Visit the antibody testing site for more information and to sign up.

The UArizona – State of Arizona Antibody Testing Initiative has recently expanded to include a wider variety of essential workers. UArizona faculty, staff, and DCCs are now eligible to participate in this antibody testing research study and schedule an appointment for an antibody test. 

Note: Antibody testing for UArizona students will be available soon.


Learn more about COVID-19 antibody testing in this video with UArizona President Robbins and Dr. Nikolich-Žugich, professor and head of immunobiology.


There are three scenarios:

1. Traditional contact tracing

We currently provide traditional contact tracing via telephone, through the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. Students who are part of the Student Aid for Field Epidemiology Response, or SAFER team, investigate new cases by following up with close contacts of positive-test COVID-19 cases to mitigate its spread. 

2.  Mobile app exposure alert

Governor Ducey recently approved the pilot test of a mobile app for fast, private, totally anonymous exposure alert. No personally identifiable information is ever stored or disclosed by this mobile app. Instead, it uses secure Bluetooth signals to determine if and alert users when they may have been exposed to COVID-19. The app will be available soon for iPhone and Android devices.

3. Self-reporting

Join the University-developed AZCOVIDTXT to:

  • Receive critical updates about COVID-19
  • Receive customized health and support tips to assist you as you stay at home
  • Report the health status of your household to better help local health officials assess the spread of COVID-19 across our communities, including determining when COVID-19 is no longer a threat

Text “JOIN” to 1-833-410-0546 on your phone or visit AZCOVIDTXT.org for more information. Only one person per household needs to register.

President Robbins talks with Kristen Pogreba-Brown, assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, about traditional contact tracing.


The University of Arizona will treat any student(s) who has tested positive for COVID-19 infection, and those who may have been infected, with wrap-around supports. This detailed plan is in development (info coming soon), guided by the below principles:

  • Daily health monitoring
  • Campus Health enhanced care
  • Support for continued learning
  • Minimized personal contact to reduce potential spread



The road home to campus this fall takes all of us working together. As we get closer to August, please continue to social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask if you need to leave your home for essential reasons.

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