Back in the Classrooms

Classes will be offered in four formats for the Summer and Fall 2021 terms


student wearing her mask in a socially distant classroom

Class Formats


Students and instructors attend class in person with enhanced health protections, including wearing face coverings and decreasing classroom density.


Students participate in a mix of in-person and online modes. For example, you may be in a rotating group that alternates between in-person and online meetings following the weekly class schedule. Or you may participate in lectures online and labs in person. The exact mix of in-person and online will be determined by your instructor.


The instructor and students are online simultaneously, and your instructor provides content in a live online platform.


For the majority of coursework, students and instructors are not required to be online simultaneously, and students complete their work through D2L.

You can find information about which format your courses will be in UAccess Student Center. See the summer and fall 2021 registration information for an example of how to find the class format for a given course.

Instructional Stages

Adjusted reentry stage classifications and ramp-up plan for Spring 2021 are as follows.  

The University is currently in Stage 3.

Stage 1

Instructional Mode: Essential Hands-On, In Person instruction. Only select hands-on and outdoor courses.

Indoor Event Limit: 10 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 10 people

Stage 2

Instructional Mode: Small In-Person courses. 50 or fewer students in-person and flex in-person.

Indoor Event Limit: 25 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 50 people

Stage 3

Instructional Mode: Larger In-Person courses. Up to 100 students in-person and flex in-person.

Indoor Event Limit: 100 people

Outdoor Event Limit: 250 people

Stage 4

Instructional Mode: Normal instruction

Indoor Event Limit: None

Outdoor Event Limit: None

Classes with attendance of more than 100 people will be delivered remotely in either the Live Online or iCourse format for the entire semester.

Spring 2021 Calendar

The faculty senate approved a decision to replace the 2021 Spring Break with a series of Reading Days spread throughout the Spring 2021 semester. This adjustment to the academic calendar is a necessary component of our ongoing commitment to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Tucson community and across the nation by reducing travel by faculty, staff and students. 

See the Academic Calendar

Minimizing Exposure on Campus

Minimizing exposure to coronavirus is key to protecting UArizona students, faculty and staff from COVID-19.
We accomplish this by following the hierarchy of controls


Reduce the hazard


  • At least 50% reduction of students in classrooms
  • Hybrid course offerings and staggered schedules for face-to-face instruction
  • Online option always available for high-risk students


Separate from the source of exposure


  • Improved air filtration in HVAC systems
  • Increased fresh air mix in building ventilation wherever feasible


Change interactions and environment



Protect yourself and the community


  • Do not come to campus if sick
  • Wear face coverings as required in classrooms, buildings and outdoor areas of campus
  • Stay at least 6 feet from other people
  • Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • Practice good hygiene and disinfect surfaces