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The University of Arizona will continued in-person learning for the 2022 fall semester, following the updated testing and face covering protocols for our campus community.


Class Formats

In Person


Students and instructors attend class in person with enhanced health protections, such as decreased classroom density. We also strongly encourage wearing face coverings.

Flex In Person


Students participate in a mix of in-person and online modes. For example, you may be in a rotating group that alternates between in-person and online meetings following the weekly class schedule. Or you may participate in lectures online and labs in person. The exact mix of in-person and online will be determined by your instructor.

Live Online


The instructor and students are online simultaneously, and your instructor provides content in a live online platform.



For the majority of coursework, students and instructors are not required to be online simultaneously, and students complete their work through D2L.

You can find information about which format your courses will be in UAccess Student Center. See the fall 2022 registration information for an example of how to find the class format for a given course.


Instructional Stages

The University is currently in Stage 4.

Stage 1

Instructional Mode: Essential Hands-On, In Person instruction. Only select hands-on and outdoor courses.

Stage 2

Instructional Mode: Small In-Person courses. 50 or fewer students in-person and flex in-person.

Stage 3

Instructional Mode: Larger In-Person courses. Up to 100 students in-person and flex in-person.

Stage 4

Instructional Mode: Normal instruction

Academic Calendar

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