Fall Enrollment Costs & Options FAQ

Yes, tuition for main campus students remains the same no matter the course modality. In order to be eligible for a refund of tuition, program fees and fees, students must drop courses or withdraw from the University by the specified Refund Dates.

The University of Arizona allows students who currently meet merit scholarship or renewal criteria to switch to Arizona Online and retain their merit scholarship for future semesters of on-campus coursework. While the scholarship cannot be used toward Arizona Online charges, students who transition back to traditional courses on the Main or Distance campuses can regain their eligibility for merit scholarships, assuming they are meeting all other merit renewal criteria at the time. Please contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid to request that your scholarship be reinstated when you are returning to Main or Distance Campus programs.

While institutional merit awards (including Wildcat Tuition Awards, Arizona Tuition Awards, Dean’s Exemplary Awards, National Scholars, Transfer Tuition Awards, and others) may be used at the Tucson campus and our statewide distance network locations, they unfortunately may not be used for Arizona Online courses/programs. Please refer to the “Availability” section of the terms and conditions for your scholarship for more information. Note that Arizona Online and Distance pricing is per unit and may be lower than one’s regular tuition (particularly non-resident tuition).

For pricing information, please see https://bursar.arizona.edu/ and https://online.arizona.edu/cost-and-aid/tuition.

Not all Main campus programs are available in Arizona Online or in the Distance Network, for a complete list see: https://online.arizona.edu/programs/all and https://ode.arizona.edu/arizona-distance-education.

Requests to change to Arizona Online must be submitted by Arizona Online's application deadlines for the subsequent 7.5-week term. A student who is enrolled on Main Campus may not change to Online or Distance campuses mid-semester. Main Campus students who are seeking online options due to circumstances related to COVID-19 should contact their academic advisor for help enrolling in online classes offered through Main Campus.

Please see the University Catalog for more information to consider and details about how to request a campus change.

Taking one or more semesters of Arizona Online courses will not disqualify a student upon their return to Main or Distance Campus programs nor reduce their semester scholarship amount. However, any semesters of Arizona Online coursework will count toward total semester eligibility for all merit awards (usually 4 or 8 semesters).

Outside of the terms and conditions pertaining to the scholarship, there is no other limit to the number of semesters in Arizona Online coursework. In other words, as long as students are meeting renewal criteria and have not exhausted their total semester eligibility (usually 4 or 8 semesters), a student can receive their merit award upon their return to Main or Distance Campus courses.

Yes, any courses taken through Arizona Online will apply toward scholarship renewal requirements that are measured at the conclusion of each academic year (both GPA and qualifying units). Please see the terms and conditions of your original award for additional details.

If you’re a new student, you may choose to defer your enrollment and have your merit tuition scholarship reinstated for the new term provided you do not enroll at another post-secondary institution. All other financial aid offers will not be guaranteed for a future term, but your eligibility will be reevaluated when you begin school. To request a deferment, log in to your Future Wildcat Account and go to your status page.

Current students should review https://catalog.arizona.edu/policy/undergraduate-leaves-absence for information about taking a pause in enrollment. In order for your merit tuition scholarship to be deferred, you must submit a Scholarship Deferment Request. If approved, most University of Arizona merit scholarships will be reinstated when you return. For other scholarships, please check with the granting organization to verify how one or more semesters off would impact your eligibility. If you will not be returning to Main campus, a Scholarship Deferment Request is not necessary.

Student fees are an important source of funding for valuable programs and services on our campuses. The university relies on funding from fees to support various ongoing operations, so fees that you pay this semester are critical to providing continued excellent services, in-person and virtually, now and in future semesters.

Fees are calculated into our Estimated Cost of Attendance, which is important to how we receive funds from the government to be used for students’ federal financial aid. The Estimated Cost of Attendance is set well in advance of the academic year in order to provide sufficient time for calculating and disbursing accurate aid packages for students. Any refund of fees jeopardizes the accuracy of financial aid awards. However, we can refund some fees on an as-requested basis.

Before you request a fee refund, we ask you to consider the significance of the fee as a source of funding for important programs in future semesters. Any fees you are willing and able to pay now are an investment in the university experience for you and all Wildcats in the future.

Should you wish to continue to request fee waivers you can follow the instructions provided on the linked web pages for the following waive-able fees. Any other fees you see on your statement are mandatory and cannot be waived.

  • Recreation Center Program Fee
    Approved by student vote, this fee assists with the funding of Campus Recreation programs.
  • Student Media Fee
    Approved by student vote, this fee supports the student-run campus media organizations KAMP radio, UATV and the Daily Wildcat.
  • Wildcat Events Board Fee
    Approved by student vote, this fee assists with funding Wildcat Events Board programs that create opportunities for students to engage with each other and participate in fun, social, and educational events. The Wildcat Events Board is dedicated to bringing about a greater spirit of unity, school pride, and giving back to the student body. 
  • Athletics Fee
    This fee supports athletics programs, facilities and improvement of the student and fan experience. The fee provides students free access to most ticketed sports. Upon request, the Athletics Department will refund the Fall 2020 Athletics fee, due to the impacts of the pandemic.