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Help kick COVID-19 off our campus with the University’s anonymous exposure notification app.

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About the App

Did you know you have the power to help corral COVID-19 on the University of Arizona campus with your smartphone?
All you have to do is download and install Covid Watch Arizona, the University’s new, free and anonymous exposure notification app.

Secure & Private

When Covid Watch Arizona app users come into contact, their phones send anonymous signals that are privately and securely noted.

Anonymously Notify Others

If a Covid Watch Arizona app user tests positive for COVID-19, they can choose to share it with the app, which then notifies others with an in-app message of possible exposures.

Know if You’ve Been Exposed

If you've had close contact with someone who shares a verified exposure alert, you'll get a private, in-app notification with next steps to take.

How Covid Watch Arizona Works

To help keep our campus safe, download and set up the Covid Watch Arizona app. That’s it. Once the app is set up, it runs in the background, just like any other app on your phone.

Instead of tracking your location or storing personal information, Covid Watch Arizona uses random and anonymous numbers that are exchanged over secure Bluetooth signals to determine the proximity and contact duration of smartphones that have Covid Watch Arizona installed.

How long and how close in proximity app users are when they come into contact will determine their potential exposure levels. Covid Watch Arizona users can access their risk level in their app dashboard, and receive guidance on what to do next, at any time.


Why Covid Watch Arizona

In partnership with the state of Arizona, the University is the first to adopt Covid Watch Arizona, which is currently one of the first fully anonymous exposure alert apps in the United States.

No Personal Information or Tracking

  • No personally identifiable information or location tracking is ever collected by the app.
  • You will never receive a text or email from Covid Watch Arizona.
  • Your phone simply notes other app users’ anonymous Bluetooth signals.

Developed by a University of Arizona Alum & Global Experts

  • Covid Watch Arizona was developed by Covid Watch, an international nonprofit that was founded by Arizona alumna Tina White.
  • The team of developers is made up of over 500 volunteers and experts from around the globe.
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How to Download Covid Watch Arizona

Downloading Covid Watch Arizona is easy and takes just a few seconds to set up:

  1. Make sure your smartphone is compatible – Covid Watch Arizona is compatible with iPhone models 6S or later that have iOS version 13.6 installed, iPod Touch (7th generation), and Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy and have Android Version 6 (API 23) or higher.

  2. Download Covid Watch Arizona – Head to Google Play or the App Store and search for “Covid Watch Arizona.”

  3. Select “The University of Arizona” as your region – Selecting the University of Arizona as your region will make sure you receive the right information on next steps to take, if you get an exposure notification.

  4. Give the app permission to run in the background – After you review the introductory screens, Covid Watch Arizona will ask for permission to run in the background. After you accept, the app is all set up. There’s nothing else you need to do.

Having trouble installing or downloading Covid Watch Arizona? Read our Covid Watch Arizona FAQ for troubleshooting tips and tricks. Access the privacy policy.


Covid Watch Arizona FAQs

You might be hearing a lot about Covid Watch Arizona, and you might have a lot of questions, too.
Get all the facts and answers you need by reviewing Covid Watch’s official FAQ, or check out the University’s Covid Watch Arizona FAQ.

Covid Watch Arizona FAQs